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Comparing The Metaphors Of London By William Blake And...

During the 18th century, London was not charming, clean, and astounding, at least thats what William Blake thought. William Blake and William Wordsworth, poets of the romantic period, wrote poems about London. These two poets expressed how they felt about London about how it was at the time. Blake and Wordsworth create an image in a readers mind of how they saw London, Blake’s image being dim and Wordsworths image is brighter. Blake viewed London as an awful place, and Wordsworth viewed London as a cheerful place. Blake and Wordsworth used metaphors, a setting, and they call attention to the classes of the people to get their message to readers. Metaphors are a attractive way to get readers to keep reading. In addition to that, Blake†¦show more content†¦Both poets describe what they see and hear in London. Blakes setting is more depressing and gloomy, and Wordsworth setting is happier and brighter. â€Å"In his first splendour, valley, rock, or hill;/ Ne’er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!† (10-11). Wordsworth is stating London is so calm and nice as he looks out onto the silent town. â€Å"In every cry of every man,/ In every Infant’s cry of fear,/ In every voice, in every ban,/ The mind-forg’d manacles I hear.† (5-8). Blake is stating London is horrible, as he hears cries down every street he walks through. Wordsworth creates an image in a readers mind, an image that says London is great, beautiful, clean, calm, quiet, and dazzling. A nice morning, standing on the bridge looking out and seeing a peaceful town asleep. Green swaying grass and the smooth, warm sun on a face as an other day a comes. Another example is if Wordsworth was painting what he saw. He would have used bright, warm colors with soft strokes. On the other hand, Blake creates an image that yells London is horrible. â€Å"But most, through midnight streets I hear† (13). Blake was ambling the streets at night, giving the image even more of a depressing place. Looking into the streets, a dirty, dark street, with cracks and loose rocks. With people crying and struggling to live another day in the cruel town. Painting wise, Blake would have used dark colors with harsh strokes. These are two different settings a reader can pick up fromShow MoreRelatedWilliam Blake And William Wordsworth1099 Words   |  5 Pagesthose poets are William Blake and William Wordsworth. Although Blake was a contemporary of the era, he had a little in common with Wordsworth. Religion is the focus of Blake’s visionary works, which does not exist in any other Romantic poetry. William Blake uses satire in most of his work to criticize the corrupting influence of religion on imagination. For Wordsworth, nature was like a religion. He talks about his own spiritual life when he refers to nature. According to Wordsworth, being alive meantRead MoreEssay How Romantic Was William Blake?1517 Words   |  7 Pagesgreatly from that of the Augustans. Some of the things stressed by the Romantics were synaesthesia, intuition, and e`talage du moi or the display of the self (Perkins 9). These were all used to create the feeling in poetry that the poem was as Wordsworth said, man speaking to men (Perkins 13). Therefore the goal changed from the poet as a sort of deity forming poetry as a maker, in which the poetry should be revered, to the poet as a speaker, in which the common man could read and benefit

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