Thursday, February 27, 2020

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 13

Assignment - Essay Example The source of light that is probably an electric bulb is coming from above the room. The picture has a foreground, middle ground, and a background. On the foreground, we can see the white frog sitting on its twos. The frog rests on the brown wooden floor. Moreover, I can see the shadow of the image. On the background, we see the image of a young woman standing on the brown wooden floor and leaning on the purple wall. We can also see the shadow of the image. The circular intersection line of the wall and the floor is visible on the background. The white veil is on the middle ground where it connects the foreground and the background. In my opinion, I feel the picture reflects a good piece of art where it has a good color mix and contrast, which is comfortable to the eyes of the audience. Indeed, the images and the wall have bright colors while the floor has a dull color. This photo shows the image of a person sitting on a chair. The person is seemingly a man. The image is resting on a white surface. However, the man sitting on the chair is seemingly bigger than the chair. The body material of the image is silver in color and represents the value of the image. We can also see a man standing on the background of the picture. The man is probably an artist who is making more pieces of art. There is a source of light in the picture as the shadows of the image and the man standing on the background are visible. The light is coming from above the room and this may represent the presence of an electric bulb in the room. We can see a brown cemented floor and a white cemented wall. The man in the picture is doing something on a black table. The represented in this picture depicts a museum. This picture has a foreground and a background. In the foreground, we can see the image and the white surface where the image rests. I can also see the shadow of the image. In my opinion, this picture represents a great piece of art. The use of the silver color

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